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It's a zine about people's need to leave marks of themselves on this world. Some marks are more deliberate, made purposefully - others are more spontaneous, made intuitively without clear reasoning. These are the ones that I explore in this zine.
Scratched names on a school table in the back of the class, letters inscribed into stone, graffiti tags on a handrail — everywhere we go we can find signs and names of people before us. What is the reason for it? What are the motivations to leave our marks? It's worth looking into the topic and through that be more aware of the environment around us and our own behaviour.

I had this idea for a project for awhile. It came to me when I was taking walk at Taevaskoja, Estonia. There the natural sandstone walls are full of inscriptions. I found it fascinating. These names in the stone are not really adding to the natural beauty of the place, quite the opposite. So I wondered why are they made, what's the motivation behind all of it because you can see these type of marks all around us.

There has always been some sort of an urge to leave marks throughout history. They have been made in different circumstances, in different times, but it’s continuously part of the human experience. What could be the purpose of these marks? Who are they made for? Or is it something we do subconsciously?
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